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Grow your brand with Basic Invite | Ft. Business cards, Graduation Invitations, Wedding Invites, &am

Updated: May 6, 2020

Building my “brand” has been something that I have been trying to focus on this year. I want to create a feeling for Simply Magical Life that it totally, authentically me. As I’m sure all of my blogger friends know, growing your brand is a challenge! Have you ever wished that you had a cute business card with your links on it so that you can hand it to the sweet lady who complemented your killer shoes at brunch? I know I have, but I’ve never found something that feels like “me”. Well that’s where Basic Invite comes into play!

Basic Invite is an online based stationary company that specializes in cards and stationary for every life moment. Getting married? Use their seal and send invitations to make your wedding planning process a dream! Graduating high school? Create the perfect graduation invitation to wow all of your friends and family! I remember my high school graduation and wish that I had these picture perfect high school graduation party invitations and graduation thank you notes to set me apart from the crowd! They even have customizable stationary for every day notes! I don’t know about you, but getting a hand written card in the mail always makes my day!

I designed two perfect business cards on their website that were simple and easy to customize! If you know me, you know I LOOOOOOVE leopard print…so when I found that Basic Invite had a leopard print business card I was sold! For less than $30, you can get 50 professional printed and completely custom cards that show off your brand!

I also designed a clear business card that I thought was SO simple and chic. I absolutely love this clean and polished design that definitely would make you stand out in the blogger world!

The next time you’re planning an event, or looking for a way to grow your brand, check out Wedding season and Graduation season are upon us, and you want your friends and family to be excited about your events! There is no better way to make a killer first impression than with a custom invite or business card, and Basic Invite makes that easy for you!


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