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Intentional: My 2021 Word of the Year

I don’t like making New Years resolutions. From December 26th on, we are flooded with marketing ploys that tell us to get ready to lose weight, to stop wasting money going out for coffee, and to "detox" our bodies to go into the new year as our "best self" just to name a few. For so many years I would make a resolution on January 1st that I would lose x amount of pounds, save x amount of dollars or something that really didn't matter to my life in the long run. Year after year I ended up upset when I inevitably broke these resolutions not long after January 1st.

This year, instead of making a resolution that will make me feel less than, I chose a word that I want to live by. This word is intentional. The dictionary definition of intentional is "done on purpose, or deliberate". In living intentionally, I plan to show up for myself daily. This could be by giving myself time to rest when I feel burnt out, or making choices that will fuel my body to be healthy and strong. I know that good days will come, but I also know that I will face struggles and bad days. I would usually try to brush those bad feelings aside in order to be happy but this year I will allow myself to feel those days because I know that I can get through them. I want to grow from experiences that are tough because I know I have the ability to do so. I will say no to things that do not serve me, because we only get one short life here on this earth, and I want to fill that life with the things that inspire me. I want to intentionally choose joy every opportunity I get.

As far as Simply Magical Life goes, I want to create intentionally. I want to share things that inspire others to try something new. I want to show people that it is okay to laugh at themselves. That it's fun to try new things. That they can learn from others every day. I want to post about what brings me joy, whether I'm sharing fashion, home decor, or daily peeks into my life. I hope that you'll stick along for the ride, because I have a feeling this year is going to be a good one.


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