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My Skincare Routine

Updated: Apr 29, 2020

I always considered myself one of the lucky people who never really had acne growing up. I told myself I paid for my acne free teenage years with other awkward attributes…and my deep love for black bottom eyeliner.

Well…all of that changed when I turned 25 years old. All of a sudden, I had the skin of a pre-teen. Every day I woke up with a new bump under my skin. These weren’t just any bumps, they were the painful, cystic kind. No matter what I did they would continue to show up on my jawline. Just when I thought I was finally getting relief from one another one would rear it’s ugly head and the cycle would start all over again.

This made me really question what worked for my skin. After what seemed to be a million dermatologist visits and some skincare routine changes, I can now say that my skin is WORLDS better. I still get the occasional hormonal breakout, but my skin has drastically improved since I started consistently with this regimen.

Skincare isn’t cheap but after a lot of trial and error, I’ve not only found great quality skincare staples, but affordable ones too.

AM Skincare Routine

I swear by this brightening essentials set. Alone, these items can be pricey, but this set is $40, making it a great way to get your glow on, but sensibly. Get this set here.

If you have acne scarring, this glow serum is a must have. In just a week, I saw my scars lightening up and the texture of my skin improving! Get this serum here.

PM Skincare Routine

I start off my nighttime routine with this cleansing water to take off my makeup and then follow up with this face wash to get rid of anything that was left behind. Then, I exfoliate with these glycolic acid peel pads and use my jade roller to make sure everything settles in my skin nicely. After that, I use the hydrating serum, moisturizer and eye treatment! I end my nighttime skin routine with this lip mask!

These products have saved my skin and made my breakouts so much more manageable. My skin looks and feels hydrated and it is much more even than it ever has been. I am so happy I’ve managed to find an affordable routine that keeps my skin glowing.



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