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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Updated: May 6, 2020

Oh Valentine’s Day. The love it or hate it “Hallmark holiday” that falls in the weird time between Christmas and Spring. Whether you’re in a relationship or #treatingyourself, I’ve rounded up some of the best Valentine’s gift ideas for everyone! Shop by clicking the links, or screenshot the picture below to shop in the App!

For the girl who loves Netflix:

The older I get, the more I want to stay at home with my dog. For those ladies who feel the same way as I do, this tie dye sweatsuit is the PERFECT outfit that you can take from bed to Starbucks run to couch. It’s comfortable enough where you won’t want to take it off all day, but cute enough that if you run into 7 people you know from high school, you won’t be absolutely mortified at your appearance. 

For the girl who is all about a good snack:

This heart shaped waffle maker is the perfect way to add some cuteness into your morning (or any time of the day). Make a quick waffle and add some fruit and Nutella and you are on your way to pure bliss. Eat that while you’re in the sweatsuit I mentioned above and you’re literally everything I aspire to be. 

For the girl who wants to be #hairgoals:

GET THE REVLON BLOW DRYER BRUSH. I promise you, this will be the best money you’ve ever spent on yourself or someone else. Everyone who has ever gotten a salon blow out and wished they could do it at home has been waiting for this magical invention. It takes me 7-10 minutes to blow out my hair perfectly right out of the shower. I feel like I just stepped out of the salon…but even better because I didn’t spend $40. 

For the wine-o: 

A subscription to Bright Cellars is every wine lovers dream. 6 bottles of wine magically delivered to your door based on your flavor preferences is almost the equivalent to magic. They even have a 100% happiness guarantee, so if you’re not in love with one of the bottles you get, they’ll send you a replacement in your next box! Sounds like love at first sip to me!

For the girl who loves accessories: 

These name bracelets from Cristina V are the cutest way to show off your style! Affordable and versatile, these bracelets come in every color imaginable. Embrace your inner 90’s girl and get your ~crushes~ name for some every day arm candy. Layer the name bracelet with a plain bracelet, a silver ball bracelet and a heart bracelet and you’re ready for V day!

For the girl who loves the gym: 

There is nothing worse than running on the treadmill and drinking lukewarm water to quench your thirst. My Hydroflask has been a lifesaver on my long runs as I train for a half marathon! I have the 40 oz and feel so accomplished when I drink the whole thing and there is still ice at the bottom. 

For the Disney lover: 

This adorable tee from Main Street Morgan is the perfect Valentines Day gift! Throwing it back to the iconic song, Mickey will be sure to not break any hearts this year! Pair it with a pair of jeans and booties for a casual look or pair it with a dainty skirt like my friend Kelly from @mickeybarmama did on her blog post


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