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Hi! I’m so happy you’re here. I’m Amanda, the brains behind Simply Magical Life. I am a twenty-something Long Island native that is trying to find the magic in every day life. 

I aspire to live as intentionally, authentically and magically as possible and am so lucky that I have the ability to share my journey with you. Not only will I be sharing sales, beauty tips and travel tips, but I want to bring you along for the things in life that aren't always perfect and pretty. I love to laugh, I love hard and I try not to take myself so seriously. I can't wait to see where we go from here!

I follow a lot of bloggers and content creators who inspire me to push myself and crush my goals and I hope I can be that for you! I look forward to the future of this blog, and I’m excited that you’re coming along for the ride!




about me

a few of my favorite things...

Target - Disney - shopping - dessert - leopard print - traveling - reading -

 - Sour Patch Kids - skincare - iced coffee - colored pens - matching sweatsuits - 

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