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Resources for Home Teaching

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

My whole life, my passion has been to help others, which is the main reason that I became a teacher. Right now there is so much uncertainty in the world, so to help, I wanted to put together a list of websites that are offering free subscriptions to assist with home teaching during this scary time.

Scholastic is providing 20 days worth of cross curricular lessons for all grades.

Starfall is great for younger students, grades k-3 and practices reading and math skills. This is also a great program for ELL’s and SWD’s.

Highlights Kids has a lot of step by step activities that children can follow and increase reading comprehension skills.

A great way to make math fun for grades 1-8, Prodigy Game focuses on students’ individual math needs through games.

Offering not only academic but social-emotional learning activities for students K-6.

Great for older students, Khan Academy has step by step tutorials and videos that reinforce skills taught in class.

STEAM inspired online and at home activities.

I will be updating this blog post as I find more resources. I have more worksheets/paper resources that I can share so please feel free to DM me on Instagram @simplymagicallife, or email me at

Stay safe 💕




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