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The algorithm might suck, but you don’t: An ode to the friends I’ve made on Instagram.

Updated: May 6, 2020

Instagram is seen as a big numbers game. Who has the most likes? Who’s follower count is growing? What percentage of your followers are seeing your posts?

Through this photo sharing app, I’ve gained followers. People comment heart eye emojis on my photos and we exchange funny stories through direct messages. But through this photo sharing app, I’ve also gained friends.

When we stop thinking about the numbers, we can find what Instagram can bring us, and that is beautiful friendships.

I now have friends from much further than my little corner of the world. We share laughs, jokes, dreams and aspirations. They inspire me to be a leader in my own sense, to follow my heart and to do things that I never would before. Some live miles away, some live thousands of miles away. But every day I get to see their smiling faces pop up on my phone, all because of Instagram.

Next time your post doesn’t get as many likes as you thought or you lose followers for no reason, just remember it’s the people you’ve met that make it all worth it.

Stay Magical, Friends.

Xo, Amanda


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